Journal Of Modern Science And Technology

Issue: September 2016 Vol. 4. No. 1.

Paper Title Author/Authors Download
Automation In Search Of Optimal Plan Resolution Of Logistics Tasks With Georeferenced V. Bychko, Ramit Azad and Biman Tanvir Ahmed Download This Paper
Design and Fabrication of a Turbine Flow Meter Mohammed Liaket Ali, Riaduzzaman Ridoy, Utsha Barua and Mohammed Badsha Alamgir Download This Paper
Urban Search and Rescue Mission: The Use of Marsupial Robots Tahzib Mashrik, A.S.M Muktadiru Baized, Lamia Iftekhar and Nova Ahmed Download This Paper
Temperature Dependence of DC Electrical Conduction in Plasma Polymerized Pyrrole Thin Films M. M. Kamal and A. H. Bhuiyan Download This Paper
Effect of Rolling Temperature and Rolling Speed on Mechanical Properties of QTB Passed TMT re-bar Kankan Prosad Mandal Download This Paper
Biodiesel Production from Waste Frying Oil and Its Process Simulation Israt Jahan Duti, Maisha Maliha and Shoeb Ahmed Download This Paper
Agricultural Adaptation Practices in Coastal Bangladesh: Response to Climate Change Impacts Debanjali Saha, Md. Shahriar Shafayet Hossain, M. Shahjahan Mondal and Rezaur Rahman Download This Paper
Sectoral and Temporal Damage Variation Due to Cyclonic Storm Surge: The Case Study of Aila Md. Gulam Kibria and M. Shah Alam Khan Download This Paper
Air Quality Monitoring: The Use of Arduino and Android Ashish M. Husain, Tazrin Hassan Rini, Mohammed Ikramul Haque and Md. Rakibul Alam Download This Paper
Indoor-Outdoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) levels: The Case of Dhaka Urban and Industrial Area Mitali Parvin, Herman Van Langenhove, Christophe Walgraeve and Do Hoai Duc Download This Paper
Biogas from Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Cow Dung Using Kaolin as an Additive Mohammed Liaket Ali, Bodius Salam and Sk M Fahim Shakil Download This Paper
CFD Analysis of Forced Convection over Radial Heat Sink Mirza Md. Symon Reza, Ashutosh Kumar Yadav and Sagar Dasgupta Download This Paper
Cost Effective Decisions on Service Rate at a Customer Care Centre with Multi-Server Queuing Model Khairun Nahar, Md. Zahidul Islam and Md. Minarul Islam Download This Paper
Implementation of an Intelligent Traffic Control System: The Use of FPGA and Verilog HDL Afra Nawar Kabir and K. M. A. Salam Download This Paper
Multi-Objective Linear Programming for Project Time-Cost Optimization by Fuzzy Goal Programming with Genetic Algorithm Md. Sanowar Hossain, Shahed Mahmud and Md. Mosharraf Hossain Download This Paper
Voice Controlled Home Appliances: The Use of Android Phone Sonia Akhter, Md. Faisal Arif, Md. Nur-Amin, Nafiz Mustafiz, Roman Khan, Shah Waliullah and Khalid Hossain Download This Paper
Solid Waste Management System in Dhaka City of Bangladesh F. A. Samiul Islam Download This Paper

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