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In 2013, Miley Cyrus made headlines by breaking free from her squeaky-clean Disney image with her groundbreaking studio album “Bangers.”

This transformative phase in her career, often referred to as the “Bangers era,” was marked by several controversies, including her memorable twerking performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards and the provocative naked music video for “Wrecking Ball.”

Recently, Cyrus celebrated this pivotal moment in her career by releasing a new song titled “Used to Be Young” and launching a TikTok series of the same name. In a recent episode, she fondly reminisced about her Bangers Tour in 2014, shedding light on the incredible effort she invested in creating an unforgettable experience for both herself and her fans. You may also check RHOSLC Season 4 Premiere.

Cyrus revealed, “The Bangers Tour was an investment in myself. Many of the ideas were so avant-garde that few were willing to support their execution. I incorporated giant puppets, oversized beds, and even made a dramatic entrance by emerging from a replica of my own face, riding on my own tongue.”

She continued, “Despite the skepticism and the warnings that I wouldn’t turn a profit with over a hundred shows, I was committed to delivering excellence. I wanted to conclude the tour with a reference to ‘The Truman Show,’ a film that I felt mirrored aspects of my life.” You should also read Shocking Revelation.

Cyrus elaborated, “In a nod to the movie, I made a grand exit riding on a giant hotdog, soaring through the clouds and passing beneath an exit sign, much like Jim Carrey’s character does in ‘The Truman Show.’ I didn’t make a dime on this tour because I wanted it to be extraordinary, and I believed in investing in myself.”

Miley Cyrus’s Bangers Tour was a testament to her dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences for her fans. Despite the financial risks, her commitment to excellence and self-investment remains an inspiring chapter in her remarkable career.

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