Surprise Malibu Wedding: Tish Cyrus Ties the Knot with Dominic Purcell – Exclusive Photos!

In a heartwarming celebration of love, Tish Cyrus, 56, exchanged vows with actor Dominic Purcell, 53, known for his role in “Prison Break,” during an intimate poolside ceremony in the picturesque setting of Malibu, California. The joyous event, witnessed by close friends and family, took place this past weekend, with exclusive photos shared on Just Jared on August 20th.

While E! News has sought comments from the newlyweds’ representatives, no responses have been received at the time of writing. Tish’s daughter Miley Cyrus, 30, along with her sister Brandi Cyrus, 36, graced the occasion as bridesmaids, donning elegant ice blue dresses.

They carried delicate bouquets of white roses and baby’s breath. Meanwhile, their brother Trace Cyrus, 34, was proudly seen as a groomsman for the special occasion. The radiant bride Tish wore a timeless white strapless lace bridal gown, accentuated by an A-line skirt and a gracefully flowing veil.

Dominic chose a classic ensemble, sporting a white collared shirt paired with black pants. The ceremony unfolded across a pool adorned with large white candles, where the presence of a few dozen guests added to the intimate atmosphere. Delicate white rose petals adorned the surroundings, while a stunning display of baby’s breath served as an elegant backdrop for the couple’s exchange of vows.

Interestingly, while the Cyrus family members were expected to share in this joyous occasion, Miley and her younger sister Noah, 23, opted for a different path. The siblings enjoyed their own moments together in the nearby city of Los Angeles. You may also check Devastating Age of Fire.

Their shared experiences were playfully documented on Instagram, including a video of their “day out” at Walmart and highlights of a sleepover on the same night as the wedding. Noah made it clear that her brother Braison, 29, who resides in Tennessee, had made the journey to be with her during this time.

Adding an emotional touch to her presence, Noah sported a t-shirt adorned with her father’s image, perhaps hinting at the complex dynamics within the family. Trace, on the other hand, chose to reflect on cherished memories by sharing a childhood photograph featuring his mother, himself, and two of his siblings, Brandi and Miley. You should also read Revolutionary Apple Vision Pro.

Persistent rumors of family tensions have circulated for a while now, amplified by Miley’s decision to unfollow her father on Instagram, a gesture reciprocated by her father. This action followed her parents’ divorce, which was publicly acknowledged some months earlier.

Following the euphoria of the celebratory wedding, Tish Cyrus appeared to give a nod to the swirling conjectures surrounding Miley’s latest song, hinting at a possible connection with her father. Tish openly displayed her endorsement by favoriting a tweet that showcased lyrics from an unreleased Miley composition: “There were times my dad struggled to voice his pride in me.”

As the Cyrus family treads the waters of their intricate relationships, this modest yet deeply personal ceremony symbolizes a fresh juncture in Tish Cyrus’s journey, brimming with affection and optimism for what lies ahead.

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