The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Season 1 Episode 6: Heartfelt Moments and Hilarious Mishaps

In the charming world of “The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses,” the sixth episode unfolds with Komura and Mie stepping into a new school year.

Amid Mie’s ongoing struggle with her vision, her determination to make her third year count remains unwavering. Komura stands steadfast by her side, even if it entails sacrificing his own time with friends.

A New Beginning:

The sixth episode of “The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses” welcomes us with Komura and Mie embarking on their new school term. Mie is engrossed in filling out a point card from Nagamori Original Sweets to indulge in some treats.

With the card’s impending expiration, Mie intends to send it off promptly, and Komura offers to accompany her to the post office, recognizing her unfamiliarity with its location.

Devotion Amidst Temptation:

As male classmates beckon Komura to join them in exploring a new arcade, he declines their invitation, prioritizing his time with Mie. You may also check Skull and Bones Release Date.

Mie, feeling like she might be intruding, suggests going to the post office alone, but Komura insists on accompanying her to ensure she doesn’t go without her glasses. Despite her claims of wearing contacts, Komura knows otherwise.

Challenges and Comfort:

During a class activity, the teacher calls upon Mie to read from the textbook. Struggling with a term due to her vision issues, Mie cleverly feigns a cough, earning herself a reprieve.

Later, Mie realizes she’s in the wrong classroom and opts not to burden Komura by seeking assistance from friends. Komura’s friends urge him to join them at the arcade, but his concern for Mie prevails.

An Unexpected Twist:

Mie finds herself in an unfamiliar classroom and eventually locates the correct one. Expressing her reluctance to have Komura forgo time with his friends for her sake, she also admits to feeling lonely when alone. Surprisingly, Komura admits to also mixing up the classrooms, revealing his genuine concern for her.

Heartfelt Confessions:

Amid their understanding conversation, Mie opens up about not wanting Komura to give up his friendships. However, she cherishes his presence. Encouraging him to enjoy the arcade with his friends, Mie’s heartfelt sentiments prompt Komura to devise an alternative plan.

He takes Mie to a convenience store with a mailbox, helping her send off the point card, and then encourages him to spend time with his friends. You should also read Exploring Moonbin’s Relationship History.

Progress and Growth:

After the Spring Break, Komura and Mie reunite to receive awards in the school auditorium.Komura, overcoming his crowd apprehension, demonstrates personal growth.

As they return to class for seating arrangements, the third year begins with a surprise—Mie ends up sitting next to Azuma instead of Komura.

A Series of Seat Swaps:

Realizing her seating mistake with the help of another student, Mie rectifies the situation, moving next to Someya. The episode concludes with Komura delighted to find himself seated beside Mie once more, eager to delve deeper into her world.

Character Dynamics Explored:

This episode delves into the evolving dynamics between Komura and Mie, highlighting their mutual understanding and concern for each other.

Komura’s consistent willingness to support Mie, even at the expense of his own desires, underscores his affection for her. However, his single-minded focus on Mie draws both admiration and critique from fans.

Character Development and Anticipation:

The episode offers glimpses of Mie’s growth, especially in her candid conversations with Komura. Her vulnerability and honesty add depth to her character.

While Komura’s actions reflect his devotion, some viewers find his unwavering commitment lacking in complexity. His confrontation with Azuma, for instance, strikes an odd note given Azuma’s supportive nature.

Hopes for Future Episodes:

The review expresses optimism for future episodes to delve deeper into Komura’s character, adding layers to his persona and making him more relatable. Despite these reservations, episode six contributes to Mie’s character evolution and builds anticipation for the dynamic between her and Komura.

Final Impressions:

While the anime retains its enchanting essence, some improvements in visuals and character growth are desired for it to truly stand out.

With the potential for impactful storytelling remaining, “The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses” has the opportunity to leave a lasting impression.


As episode six concludes, Komura and Mie’s journey continues with them finally seated together again. Komura’s excitement to explore Mie’s world further suggests that their bond is poised to strengthen, promising intriguing developments in the chapters to come.

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