Toronto Producer Strikes Epic Genre Co-Pro Deal with Quebec Powerhouse – You Won’t Believe the Details!

In a groundbreaking and exclusive development, the dynamic production, sales, and financing company Alliance Media Partners (Amp) has forged a genre-bending co-production alliance with visionary filmmaker Philip Kalin-Hajdu, hailing from the creative hub of Quebec.

Drawing inspiration from their recent cinematic triumphs with the heart-pounding thriller “Suitable Flesh” and the mesmerizing debut “The Sacrifice Game,” which captivated audiences at prestigious festivals like Tribeca and Fantasia, these industry titans are poised to reshape the very fabric of contemporary cinema.

This pioneering partnership is set to deliver a triumphant trio of captivating mid-budget films annually, tapping into the rich wellspring of talent and incentives found within the vibrant landscapes of Quebec and Canada. You may also check Epic Bros for JoBros Bachelor Party Takes TikTok by Storm.

Moreover, this collaboration will fearlessly traverse the territory of international co-productions, ushering in a fresh wave of cinematic brilliance. Their inaugural endeavor, the adrenaline-fueled thriller “Skate Or Die,” is already revving up for an eagerly anticipated early 2024 release.

Amp, a subsidiary nestled within the illustrious Alliance Capital Partners group based in Dubai, renowned for their expertise in private asset management and finance, boasts an unparalleled track record in the realm of genre filmmaking.

Their portfolio gleams with resounding successes, such as “Suitable Flesh,” an electrifying ensemble piece featuring luminaries like Heather Graham, Judah Lewis, and Barbara Crampton. Additionally, their treasure trove includes cinematic gems like “Glorious,” which showcased the incomparable J.K.

Simmons and the charismatic Ryan Kwanten, as well as “The Endless Blue Iguana,” with the indomitable Sam Rockwell in the leading role. On the other side of this exciting partnership, Philip Kalin-Hajdu, a two-time nominee for the Canadian Screen Award, has already made waves in the industry.

He holds producer and executive producer credits for “The Sacrifice Game,” a riveting project starring Mena Massoud and Olivia Scott Welch, which was swiftly acquired by Shudder. His upcoming horror feature, “Mom,” featuring Emily Hampshire, François Arnaud, and Christian Convery, promises to be a spine-tingling addition to his impressive filmography.

Bob Portal, Amp’s Head of Production, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “We’re thrilled to have Philip on board in this new capacity. His straightforward and pragmatic approach, coupled with his knack for structuring productions and international co-productions that deliver on-screen results, aligns perfectly with our expansion plans.”

Kalin-Hajdu also chimed in on the exciting partnership, saying, “Amp’s comprehensive involvement, spanning financing, physical production, and sales, positions them as the ideal collaborator. You should also read Dionne Warwick’s Message to ‘Young Man’ Elon Musk.

Their unwavering support for filmmakers, willingness to take creative risks, and their ability to make a lasting impact are truly commendable. It’s an added bonus that the Amp team is comprised of genuinely good people. I can’t wait to embark on our next cinematic journey together!

Brace yourselves for an exciting array of productions that will mesmerize global audiences, delivering a fresh wave of thrilling and captivating experiences. Stay tuned for these cinematic marvels that are set to redefine entertainment as we know it.

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